Why do we wash each other’s feet at Passover?

Those of us in the Messianic community have excitedly embraced the Passover and “gone back to our roots” as a commemoration of the Exodus. However, many Messianics forget that Yeshua did ask us to add something new to the celebration in commemoration of Him: foot washing. Richard explains why Yeshua insituted this ceremony and how it turned the disciples hearts away from themselves and closer to Him.

Thought Questions

Passages: Matthew 26:1-29; John 13:1-20; Luke 22:24-28

What did Yeshua talk about in Matthew 24-25 leading up to Matthew 26?

Did Judas receive the bread and wine from Yeshua at the last supper?

Do you think that the Creator would ever come down to earth and wash your feet?

Why did Yeshua say that cleaning their feet enough to make them clean?

Why did Yeshua say that “not all of you are clean”?

What is an uncircumcised heart?

What is a circumcised heart?

How does allowing another person to wash your feet humble you?

What argument broke out among the disciples at the Last Supper?

How did Yeshua washing their feet rebuke their arguments?

How is the foot washing “a new commandment”?

How does washing each other’s feet help us understand the kingdom of God?

Speaker: Richard Agee

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