1st Samuel 16 — God appoints a new king for Israel

We start to see how closely connected the lives of Samuel, Saul, Jonathan and David truly are. All these men’s lives were shaped and irrevocably changed by the events surrounding the High Priest Eli and the confiscation of the Ark of the Covenant. We also see the beginnings of David’s quick rise in stature from a modest shepherd boy to a royal court entertainer and finally a leading warrior in Saul’s army.

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

1st Samuel 16 map

David is Jesse’s eighth son. Why is that important?

David appointed as Saul’s musician and later Saul’s armor bearer. How important is that role?

How is it that God would be the one to send a distressing spirit upon Saul? How do we give haSatan too much credit for what happens in the world?

What did David look like? How was the anointing of David different from how Saul was anointed? What is the meaning of the horn? Why is David a “king for God”?

What kind of “ruler” was Saul called to be (1st Sam. 8:23)? How was the relationship between Saul and Samuel? What was Samuel’s initial response to this call? How did God respond to Samuel’s question? 

Why were the elders of Bethlehem nervous about Samuel’s arrival? What does a heifer symbolize?

How old is David at this time? How do Saul’s servants describe David to Saul? How old was David when he went to join Saul’s household? How old was David when he was acknowledged as King at Hebron? How old was Saul’s son when he took over the other remaining tribes after Saul’s death? How old was Jonathan when he died? How old was Jonathan’s son when Jonathan died? Why is all this jumbled together?

How old was David when the ark returned from the Philistines? How many years between the ark’s return to the land and David’s anointing?

Why does God call David a “man after God’s own heart”?

Reader: Hector Marroquin. Speaker: Daniel Agee.

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