Yom Teruah — a day of making a ‘loud noise’ of joy and victory

Josh sounds a "loud noise" on Yom Teruah.Many associate the Feast of Trumpets with shofars, or trumpets made from horns. However, the LORD calls for two silver trumpets on this special day. Rather than a warning or battle call, as is associated with the shofar, this is a "loud sound," or teruah, of joy. How is this joy associated with the Day of the LORD and the coming of Messiah, which are described in the Bible as a fearsome time?

Food for thought from the recorded discussion 

Num. 10:1-10 — Why silver trumpets? Why not rams horns? What is the purpose of blowing silver horns? What kind of warning do the silver trumpets perform? What kind of shouting do believers do on this day? What do you do at the beginning of the month? Where are they blown? How are they blown? Why are the silver horns blown over the sin offering but it is blown over the sin offering?

Num. 29:1-6 — What do you do on the Feast of Trumpets?

Matt. 24:31 — How many horns are to be blown at this time? What will happen when it is blown?

1st Cor. 15:52 — Who will be called up at this time? What will happen to them?

Isa. 18:1-7 — What is the warning? What is the ensign? Who are the stubborn ones discussed in this reading?

Isa. 27:1-12 — What does “in that day” mean? What is “mother nature”? What altars will be destroyed? How will God purge “perverseness”? Who will God gather? Where will they gather?

Eze. 33:10-17 — Did the prophets of the Tanak understand the concept of resurrection? What was the oath of God in this text? What or who does God swear by? Which group does God judge more seriously, the house of Israel or the house of the nations?

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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