Be a Berean video series

Video series: Be a Berean (Study the Word of God for Yourself)

Be a Berean video series

This video Bible study series by Sean Hilton takes a page from the Bereans (Acts 17:10-11) who checked what apostle Paul was teaching them from the words of God about Yeshua (Jesus) as the promised Messiah. This series will explore what seem to be contradictory Bible verses on whether “the Law” in Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy was abolished or downgraded with Yeshua’s death and resurrection, how that change happened and how a deeper understanding of the language, culture and biblical context can greatly enrich Bible study — Berean-style.

Episode 1: Be a Berean

In this introduction to the study series, Sean invites you to take a personal audit of what you believe about God and His Messiah then compare that with the words of God.

Episode 2: Mystery of Double-Minded Scriptures on Grace and Law

In this episode, Sean explores dozens of ‪ ‎New Testament‬ verses that seem to say be contradictory on whether the Law (aka the ‪Torah‬) is what believers in ‪‎Yeshua‬ the Messiah‬ (‪Jesus‬ Christ) should be keeping or is “nailed to the cross.” Sean asks those interested in knowing God better whether the Bible is double-minded on grace and the Law.

Episode 3: Preparing to look at rabbinical writings

This video — “Building a Bridge” — is the third installment in the Be a “Berean” study series. This short video is to hit home on one of the most important view of this series: “We are saved by grace.”

We will also discuses what we are going to move on to in the next video. We will prepare to conciser rabbinical writings and get a deeper understanding on how they play a big part in the New Testament.

More episodes to come in this series.

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