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Genesis 1:26-2:8: Purpose of Shabbat and creation; two creation accounts or one?

The last two things God created was the Shabbat/Sabbath and the Garden of Eden. God did not create the Shabbat because He was exhausted or tired. Rather, He wanted to set aside a day for mankind to have a special time with Him. Also some are confused about the creation narratives of Gen. 1 and Gen. 2 but a careful reading of each shows us that Gen. 2 focuses specifically on the creation of mankind and the special Garden called Eden that was made by God as mankind’s primary residence.

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Why Was Eve Deceived?

Richard Agee explains that every woman is the representation of the Bride of Messiah Yeshua. In the Garden of Eden the Adversary attacked Eve with intellect to kill the "image of God," her ability to give birth to the One (Messiah) who would fulfill God’s plan to bring life — true, eternal life.

The story of Eve (Genesis 2-3) is a representation of all her daughters, just as Adam is a representation of all his sons. The apostle Paul tells us that and uses their story as an example to explain how the Messiah wants our congregations and our families to function. Their story bear lessons applicable to the lives of all their children — us.

The first point we can learn from Eve’s story in particular is that the Serpent didn’t attack her with violence but with intellect. Yes, Eve was deceived, but she wasn’t intellectually deficient or dumb — not by any stretch of the imagination. She was created as a perfect being by the Almighty, not just a perfect body, but also a perfect mind. Those who interpret the Scriptures to insult or denigrate Eve or her daughters misses the point of the story.

The second point is this: Eve’s desire to be "wise like God" was not wrong. It was a desire put into her by God himself. He wanted both Adam and Eve to grow in wisdom and learn to love Him more and more. So what went wrong? Satan twisted her natural desire to become more like God by deceiving her into a path God specifically said not to follow—the path offered by the Tree of Knowledge rather than the path offered by the Tree of Life.

The third point? Adam called Eve "the Mother of All the Living" (Gen. 3:20) not "the Mother of the Dead." Adam wasn’t deceived (1 Tim. 2:14), and he is the one who brought death into the world, not Eve. Yeshua came into the world as the "Second Adam"  to rectify Adam’s folly and bring Mankind the opportunity to have eternal life (see 1 Cor. 15:35-50).