Numbers 10-11: Two silver trumpets; curse of craving quail; distributing the Spirit from Moshe

In chapter 10, use of two silver trumpets is explained, such as calling together the people to celebrate the New Moon and other appointed times (מועדים mo’edim). In chapter 11, the people of Israel call out for more than meat and manna, and God curses the cravers with copious quail followed by a plague.

Chapter 10

The 10th chapter discusses the creation and use of the two silver trumpets (חצצרה khatsotsrah, Strong’s lexicon No. 2689). They were made to be sounded at certain times to call the leaders from the surrounding tribes to the Tabernacle, to call the people to war or to call the people to gather up their tents and evacuate one area to move to a new place.

Yeshua (Jesus) said three things are greater than the Testimony (10 Commandments) — justice, mercy and faith (Matt. 23:23) — and the greatest of those is faith. Faith is not a blind, intellectual belief but belief in action (Heb. 11:1; James 2:8–26).

What was the importance of the 20th day of the second month of the second year after they left Egypt (Num. 10:11–12)? The initial journey from Egypt to Sinai was part one of their journey. They had been tested repeatedly between Egypt and Sinai, such as the good water and bad water. From the revelation of the 10 Commandments, they continued to live at the foot of Mt. Sinai until the 20th day of the second month of the second year. At that time, they took a three-day journey from Sinai to their next destination.

When we go through times of testing, we may assume it’s haSatan (the Adversary) testing, but it’s actually God Who is testing us.

Chapter 11

In chapter 11 when the “rabble” instigated the sons of Israel to complain about the lack of meat and vegetables, it says they complained “in the ears of the Lord.” In response, God sent so many quail that they were piled up three feet (two cubits) high on all sides of the camp. The laziest of those craving the quail collected 10 omers of quail. Those who craved the quail went out frantically hoarding the quail for themselves. God struck those who greedily craved the quail were struck down, including those of the mixed multitude who instigated the complaints.

At this point, Moses felt such a burden in leading the people that He asked God to show favor upon him by killing him. Instead, God showed favor to Moses by raising up 70 elders among the sons of Israel to share the burden of leadership by giving His Spirit to these elders. When God gives you a gift — whether it’s a gift of prophesy, song, writing, etc. — you have the choice to use it for good or for bad.

Speaker: Richard Agee. Reader: Jon Walsh. Summary: Tammy.

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