Journey to the 10 — Lamb Selection Day, the 10th day of the first month

Passages discussed: Exodus 17; John 11:35-57; John 12:1-16

Hindsight can be a beautiful thing but sometimes hindsight blinds us rather than illuminates us. As the people of Israel are ready to leave Egypt for good, they have little idea of the epic journey has in store for them. As we read the story of Yeshua’s life in the New Testament, we have the same benefit and “curse” of hindsight as we read about the last few weeks of his life. We tend to be a little judgmental towards His favorite disciples because of they lacked a true understanding of Yeshua’s mission until after His death and resurrection. Today, ignore hindsight and discover some truths in these stories that hindsight otherwise obscures.

Journey to the 10

This is a series that reflects on the physical and spiritual journey of Israel from Egypt through the Sea to receive the 10 Statements of God at Sinai.

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PDF Download a PDF document with a list of Israel’s encampments after the exodus from Egypt and the calendar showing the timing during those first three months of the exodus.

Thought Questions

Why do some groups keep the 13th day of Aviv as Passover?

How was Yeshua (Jesus) picked as the Lamb on the 10th day?

What is “between the evenings”?

How did Moses know where and when make the people encamp?

What events occurred between the Exodus and the giving of the 10 commandments?

How can we know that the encampments recorded were all on Shabbat?

How many days from the encampment of Etham to Horeb?

Why did Yeshua weep?

How do we know how Yeshua felt at this time?

What did Yeshua ask of God?

What did Yeshua accomplish here?

Why did Yeshua raise Lazarus from the dead?

What day did Caiaphas decide that Yeshua should die?

When did Yeshua arrive in Jerusalem after Lazarus’ resurrection?

Who anointed Yeshua for death?

Why did this upset Judas?

When did John and the rest of the disciples understand what happened that day?

Why did Yeshua show up in Jerusalem on a donkey?

What does the Hebrew word “gadol” mean? What do the letters in the word “gadol” mean?

What is the “heart of the earth”?

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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