Genesis 37 — Yosef dreams, his brothers boil then sell him to toil

The sibling rivalry between Yosef (Joseph) and Leah’s sons, fueled by his dreams that they and even their parents would bow to him, came to a tragic climax as they seized him then sold him to a caravan headed to Mitsraim (Egypt). Yet God remained on control. 

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

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What was the evil report that Yosef brought back to Ya’akov (Jacob) about his brothers?

What was the dynamic between Yosef and the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah?

What does the word “bad” or “evil” mean in Hebrew (ra, Strong’s 7451; cf. Isa. 45:7, Gen. 2:9, Psa. 1:1)?

Why did the brothers hate Yosef? Was it because of the dreams?

What was Yosef’s dreams? Was Yosef boasting? Were the brothers trying to out maneuver God?

Why does this chapter start with the phrase “generations of Ya’akov” and yet only talks about Yosef?

What was the difference between Ya’akov’s “observe” vs. virgin Miriam’s “observe”? 

Why did Ya’akov favor Yosef? Which one of Ya’akov’s sons did God appear to favor?

What is the difference between the sons of the the handmaidens v. the sons of the wives?

Where did Ya’akov send Yosef? What happened when Yosef arrived at Shechem?

Who was the man who came to Yosef to tell him where the brothers had relocated?

How old was Reuben at this time? What did Reuben say to the other sons of Leah?

Which one of the sons wanted Yosef dead?

What happened when the Ishamelites showed up? What were the Ishmaelites known for selling? What did the Midianites do with Yosef?

Which brother wanted to kill Yosef? Which brother wanted to sell Yosef? Which brother wanted to save Yosef? Which brother won? How did the brothers cover up the sale of Yosef?

Who is Potiphar? What doe the word pharaoh mean?

Reader: David De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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