Exodus 31 — pattern of the mountain starts to become a reality

In Exodus 31, we meet the two men (beside Moses) whose work and talent were used to make the Tabernacle which began as the “pattern shown on the Mountain” a living, functional reality.

However, he gives them a reminder that they are still supposed to keep the Sabbath, no exceptions. They can’t break the Sabbath, even for the sake of building the Tabernacle or they will be “cut off from their people.”

Thought Questions

What does it mean that the Sabbath is a sign to the children of Israel forever (Ex. 31:17; Isa. 56:6)? Who keeps and preserves this sign?

How do you join the house of Israel?

How is “salvation of the Jews”?

What is “work” on the Sabbath? Why is the penalty for breaking the Sabbath so serious?

Who is Bezalel? Why is he so important? Who is Bezalel’s grandfather?

Who is Oholiab?

What was the first item of the Tabernacle God wanted them to build? What is the purpose of the ark? What are “the witnesses?”

What is the mercy seat?

What is the menorah? What are the “eyes of God?” Which book gives us the interpretation of the symbols of Revelation?

What items were specifically made for Aaron?

Reader: David De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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