Making Dr. Christopher’s plague remedy

This recipe comes to us from the late John Christopher, N.D. He was asked during a seminar to help people naturally overcome the bubonic plague or similar illness if access to traditional medical care was limited because of a catastrophe. The recipe he developed became known colloquially as “plague remedy.”

This recipe has proliferated all over the Internet over the past 10 years. People gather together in plague remedy clubs to make these recipes in bulk for members, because some of the steps can be time-consuming.

Commercial preparations of this recipe can be purchased online for $60 per pint. The work involved goes into the price.

However, the beauty of this recipe is that whether you are making one gallon or 10 gallons, the recipe takes about the same amount of time to make. You are simply limited by the same amount of time to make. You are simply limited by the amount of herbs and the size of your kitchen stove.

The recipe we’re showing you here makes a gallon of remedy, which would cost $480 if you bought this amount in a store or online.

Culinary captain: Ellie Agee. Host and narrator: Tammy.

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