Journey to the 10 — Exodus 19 — Israel arrives at Mt. Sinai

The Exodus 18 is out of sequence. God has a reason for placing Jethro’s counsel at this point in the narrative, even though Jethro’s arrival was well after God gave Moses the 10 commandments and the people’s rebellions with the Golden Calf. In Exodus 19, Israel arrives at Mount Sinai and prepares to receive the 10.

Thought Questions

How long is the journey? Why is Jethro’s story placed at this point in the story even though the event actually occurred several months later? Who are the priests discussed here?

What happened in Exodus 17? What was the “big issue”?

What did God set in motion and where did He want the people to go? What did the elders want to do to Moses? What did Moses say to God? What did God tell Moses to do?

How did the elder’s respond when Moses hit the rock? What happened after that? Why did God allow this war to happen?

What does the word Rephidim mean? Who held up Moses’ arms? Why were they holding up his arms?

Who did God “bear on eagle’s wings”?

What does the word Sinai mean in Hebrew? What were the thorns? What did they hear at Sinai? What kind of cloud did God use to appear to them at Sinai?

What happened first: God came down or Moses went up? What day did this event occur?

Beachhead on the west coast of the Gulf of Aqaba
This beachhead on the west coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, seen from the north, could be the "Red Sea," because Edom, Hebrew for "red," is located on the northeastern shore of the gulf. This beach is thought to be the real Red Sea crossing point for Israel escaping from Egypt. (Wyatt Archaeological Museum photo; click photo to view article)

What is another name for Esau? What does the name Edom mean? Why was he called Edom? Where is the “Red Sea” truly located?

What is the difference between the versions of the campsites in Exodus and Numbers?

What is the difference between a commandment, statute and a law?

Why did God test them out? Why does God test you out?

What advantage do we have over the Israelites who left Egypt?

Is the burning bush still there? Why wouldn’t it still be there?

Speaker: Richard Agee

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