Genesis 8 — remembering Noah and agonizing over the Flood

The LORD ended the judgment of the Flood, as recorded in Genesis 8. The remembering of Noakh (Noah) and the sorrow of the LORD over the Flood foreshadow what God will be feeling in the last days when He must bring final judgment.

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

Gen. 8:1 — Did God “forget” Noakh (Noah) and all that were in the ark? What is the meaning of the Hebrew word zakhar (Strong’s 2142), translated here as “remember”? How did God “mark” Noah? Why did God “mark” Noah? Is this “mark” a bad thing?

What does the phrase “and God caused a wind to pass over the earth” mean? What is the meaning of ruakh (Strong’s 7306), translated here as “wind”? Do people have ruach? Do animals have “ruach”? Do the angels have ruach? Is the ruach spoken in this verse the Spirit of God or is it simply the wind? Does the Holy Spirit belongs to us?

Gen. 8:2 — What are the “fountains of the deep”? What are the “windows of heaven” (Gen. 7:11; Mal. 3:10-11; Strong’s 699)?

Gen. 8:7 — Why did Noakh send the raven out first? What did the raven tell Noakh? What does the word for raven mean (Strong’s 6150 and 6158)? What is the Hebrew word for window in Gen. 6:16 (Strongs 6672b)?

Gen. 8:8-9 — Why did Noah send out the dove? What was the dove searching for? Why did the dove bring Noah a “freshly picked” olive leaf? What is the month of Ziv (1st Kings 6:1)? According to Scripture, the Flood, the departure from Mt. Sinai, the “second Passover” and the building of His temple all began in the second month (1st Kings 6:1; Ex. 16:1; Num. 1:1; Num. 9:11, 10:11; Ezra 3:8). Is there some significant teaching about the “second month”?

Gen. 8:14 — What ended and what began in this verse? What how many days from Passover to the 27th day of the second month (see also Acts 1:3)? 

Gen. 8:21 — What did God say? To whom did God speak? What is the heart (Hebrew leb, Strong’s 3820)? How are we to respond to God (Deut. 6:5)?

Reader: Dave De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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