Genesis 41 — God gives Yosef the meaning of the dreams exalts him to No. 2 in Mitsraim; Yosef gets command of Egypt, a new name

In the first part of the discussion of Genesis 41, we look at the life of Yosef (Joseph), which had many parallels with the mission of Yeshua the Messiah, such as being No. 2 in Mitsraim (Egypt) and hidden from his brothers. Can we ask God for such vision?

In the second discussion, we read that Pharaoh adopted Yosef into the royal family of Egypt and made him second in command of his entire realm. Pharaoh gave Yosef domestic, military and economic control over Egypt. He even gave Yosef a new name. Yosef forgets his family and his home and accepts his new life.

Part 1

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

What was the difference between the cupbearer and the baker? Why did they have the dreams? Why didn’t they understand them? Who was meant to understand those dreams?

Why did Ya’akov (Jacob) and the sons understand Yosef’s dreams, but the cupbearer and the baker did not understand the dreams given them? What was Yosef meant too see?

Who was Yosef’s first owner? What rank did Yosef hold in Potipher’s household? What rank did Yosef have in the prison? How high did Yosef go in the household of the Pharaoh? What position did Yeshua have in relation to the Father? What was Yosef’s character? Does the bible record any of his sins?

How many years occurred between the butler/cupbearer’s release from prison and the Pharaoh’s dream?

What is the east wind?

What did the cupbearer say to the Pharaoh? What does the wine represent?

How did Yosef prepare for his meeting with the Pharaoh?

What did Yosef say that God would give Pharaoh? Was the dream a blessing? Who was blessed by the dream?

What did Pharaoh say about Yosef after he revealed the mystery of the dream? Why did God give Pharaoh the dream twice? How did Yosef understand the dream? Did he have to meditate for a long time before God showed him the meaning? 

What advice did Yosef give to Pharaoh to plan for the future famine? Did this dream change Pharaoh’s heart? How did Pharaoh act upon Yosef’s advice?

What happened to Yosef in prison? How was God with Yosef in prison?

How was Yosef’s image changing? Did it change Yosef’s heart? Why did Yosef go along with the esthetic changes Pharaoh asked of him (shaving head, clothing, etc.)? Was Yosef still a Hebrew?

How did Pharaoh announce Yosef’s promotion across the land of Egypt? 

What does the word worship mean?

What name did Pharaoh give to Yosef? What did that name mean? How did Yosef give the land of Egypt salvation and rest?

What does the Hebrew word ‘olam mean?

Part 2

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

How did Pharaoh mark Yosef as his second in command? How do we know that Yosef wore white? What did his white linen clothes symbolize? What is a signet ring? What was the gold necklace? What did the chariot represent? What did the people proclaim before Yosef?]

Is the term Hebrew term abrekh, translated “kneel,” really two Egyptian words ab rekh?

Why did Pharaoh give Yosef a new name and a wife? What did Yosef’s new name mean? Why would a “pagan” recognize the one true God at all? What is the purpose of dreams in the Bible? How does the Septuagint give us a clue about the meaning of Yosef’s new name?

What is the difference between the words Potiphar and Potiphera? Why did Pharaoh find Yosef a wife from a priestly family rather than his own family? How does Yosef’s office of king and priest match with Yeshua?

How many years has it been since the flood? How old is Yosef at this time? Did God deliver Egypt? Did the Egyptians know God?

Who was the only person who could reveal God’s will to the Egyptians? Who is the only one who can reveal God’s will to us?

What did Yosef name his two sons? What do their names mean? What did Yosef forget? Has God forgotten His people? When did He forget them?

Reader: Bill Kastrinos. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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