Genesis 28-29 — Ya’akov finds God then Rachel

Ya’akov (Jacob) is sent away to find a wife and finds God first at the bottom of a ladder to Heaven. Then he finds Rachel and ends up with her sister and two slave women. There seems to be something prophetic about Rachel.

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

Correction for the Genesis 27 discussion: Ya’akov was 52 years old when Shem, the son of Noah died.

Why did Ya’akov leave home?

What name did Abraham, Yitskhak (Isaac) and Ya’akov call God?

What is the difference between the blessing he gave to Ya’akov in Gen. 28:4 vs. the prior blessings and prophesies? What sin caused Yitskhak to tremble and repent?

Was Ishmael’s daughter a better choice for Esau than the two wives he already had? Why didn’t Esau go to Padam-Aram to find a wife as Abraham had done for Yitskhak?

What does the word “dream” mean in Hebrew (Strong’s 2492)? Who has God given dreams in the past? Who might have dreams in the future?

What does Rachel’s name mean (Strong’s 7354)? What is the Hebrew word for sheep? Why was Rachel the shepherdess of the family? Wouldn’t that be a man’s job?

What does Leah’s name mean (Strong’s 3812)? What does it mean that Leah’s eyes were “weak”? 

Why was Leah married off to Ya’akov first? Who were the handmaidens given to Leah and Rachel? Did Ya’akov “hate” Leah? How did God see Leah compared to how Ya’akov saw Leah?

Leah’s first four sons were Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Yehudah. What do their names mean (Strong’s 7205, 8095, 3878 and 3063)?

Reader: John Schallert. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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