Genesis 1:2 — ‘darkness was on the face of the deep’

Gen. 1:2 says that “darkness was on the face of the deep.” How is the “darkness” and “light” in Genesis 1 related to the “darkness” and “light” that apostles Paul and John talk about?

Food for thought

Keywords for today

  • Elohim (Elohim) = “God,” literally “powerful ones”
  • bereshit (bereshit) = “in the beginning”
  • et (et) = untranslated, glues objects of a sentence to the main actor
  • ha-shamayim (haShamayim) = “the heavens”
  • ha-’aretz (haAretz) = “the earth”
  • mayim (mayim) = “water”
  • khoshekh (khoshekh) = “darkness,” used in “darkness came upon the face of the depth” (darkness on the face of the deep)

1st Sam. 2:1 — “wicked shall be silent in darkness”

Job 15 6 — a man sentenced to death will not escape the coming darkness

Psalms 18 — God lights our candle. Elohim will “enlighten my darkness”

Why did the world begin in darkness rather than in light? Why does God start the day in darkness?

God called forth light, he didn’t create it. It was already there. Light is related to the Messiah (the light of the world).

Prov. 20:20 — A man who curses his parents will have their light put into “obscure darkness”. What does it mean to curse your mother and your father? What kind of darkness does the rebellious child bring upon himself?

Isa. 5:20 — “woe until them who call evil good and good evil and light darkness and darkness light”

Paul tells us that the devil can show himself as an “angel of light” even though the devil is in total darkness. He warns us not to be deceived.

Let’s look at some passages from the Apostolic Scriptures, which will elaborate.

What’s the difference between “from the beginning” versus “from the foundations”? The foundation is not a reference to the creation. The foundation came from the earth. From the earth, the ground, trees and seas came. 

Eph. 1:3-4 — God did not create man to be unrighteous or corrupted. God is restoring us back to the original creation—to be righteous and holy. How did man become unrighteous and unholy?

The Greek word for “foundation” comes from two different Greek words:

  1. kata (κατα) = “down”
  2. balo (βολη) = “throw” or “lay” or “plant” (i.e., inseminate)

When did the Messiah see the devil cast down? Was it during the Messiah’s earthly life? If it happened in the past, at what point in history did this take place?

Rev. 12:10 — Who is the accuser? why was he cast down?

Rev 13:8 the lamb was “slain from the foundation of the world”.

God asked job “where were you when I laid the foundation of the world?”

Blessings and curses come “From the word of God” Who is the “word of God”?

Did God create sin? Did God make a mistake when he made mankind? How did mankind become corrupt? What was the curse of sin? 

Isa. 9:2 says “those in darkness have seen a great light.” What/who is that light?

What are the “wages of sin”?

Matthew 6:21-23 — Yeshua tells his disciples if their eye is good, they are full of light. if their eye is evil, they are in darkness. What does the term “single eye” versus “double eye” mean? The single eye is light, the double eye is darkness. Why?

We are told that we need “to have the mind in you that was in Christ.” The world calls “open mindedness” good and “single mindedness” bad. Why? Are they on the broad road or the narrow road?

Yeshua told his disciples to do as much work during the day/light as they could be cause the darkness was coming? What did He mean?

2nd Cor. 4:1-6 — What is our calling? What is God calling us to?

1st Thess. 5:1-6 — What times have God set for the world? Who is in control of time? 

How do we become enlightened?

What did God establish on the 4th day?

What is turning? Why?

What does God use water to do?

Gen. 7:11 tells us about the “great depths” that broke up during the Flood. The deeper the water, the more pure the water is. There are some underground rivers so deep we can’t reach them.

Gen. 25:29 tells us that God will give Joseph the “blessings of the deep”.

Ezek. 26:15-17 — God uses the personage of the King of Tyre as an example of the devil just as God used the personage of people such as Joseph as an example of the Messiah. Holy things can be made unclean by unholy things, but unholy things can’t be made clean.

What does the city of Tyre picture for us? Is it similar to Babylon? What’s going to happen to them?

Ezek. 31:15-16 — The deep, dark things of the Accuser will be removed as the governments which are at his call.

What does the darkness of Gen. 1:2 picture? Did God create the earth in formlessness and confusion?

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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