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Genesis 17 — ‘Destroyer God’ cuts the deal with Abraham deeper with circumcision

Circumcision has been a misunderstood “sign” of the deal El Shaddai, literally God Who Has the Power to Destroy Anything, “cut” with Abraham to create a great people and bless the world, ultimately seen in Messiah Yeshua. Can anyone become “blameless” before God? 

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

What traditions are established in this chapter? How does the rite of circumcision create another family? Is circumcision valid for today?

El Shaddai bannerWhat is the new name mentioned in Gen. 17:1? What does El Shaddai mean (Strong’s lexicon No. 7706)? What is the verb form of shaddai (Strong’s 7703)? How did God show His power and “earn” the title of El Shaddai in the eyes of the people of Abram’s time?

Examples of El Shaddai

  • Gen. 28:1 — Issac sent Jacob away in the name of El Shaddai to find a wife.
  • Gen. 35:11 — God introduces himself to Jacob shortly before the death of Rachel with the name El Shaddai.
  • Gen. 33:14 — Jacob laments Benjamin’s capture in Egypt in the name of El Shaddai.

How would the the title of El Shaddai assure Abraham of the fulfillment of his promise to open Sarah’s elderly womb?

What does the word blameless mean (Strong’s 8549, tamim)?

Examples of blameless

  • Gen. 6:9 — Noah was called blameless man in his generation. Why did Noah need strength and integrity? Is faith expressed in thoughts or actions?
  • Lev. 22:21 — The animals for offerings must be “perfect, blameless” What does it mean to be “clean”? How does this differ from the English word “perfect”?

Sh'ma banner

Why is God repeating the promise of Genesis 12 a second time? What does He add in Genesis 17?

How did this circumcision elevate Abraham’s servants and slaves to membership into the family of Abraham?

How was Isaac’s birth a moed (appointed time)?

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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