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Genesis 16 — Hagar and the divine destiny for Ishmael

This chapter is our introduction to Hagar, Sarai’s Egyptian maidservant. We see how Hagar was exalted and then brought down. When Hagar fled and was at her lowest point, we discover God had His eyes on Hagar and had a purpose for her and her unborn son.

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

What was Sarai thinking in giving Hagar to Abram?! What was Abram thinking about going through with this?!

Why did Abram give Sarai authority over Sarai after she conceived his child?

Is this story a justification of polygamy?

What does Ishmael’s name mean (Strong’s lexicon No. 3458)?

What does the prophesy regarded to Ishmael mean?

Who prevented Sarai from having children? How was Sarai “restrained”? Why was Sarai’s womb closed?

How many years was it from the time Abram left Terah’s house to this time? What is the 10 years vs. the 15 years?

Who is Hagar? What does her name mean (Strong’s 1904)? How did Hagar despise Sarai after she conceived? What is a “mistress” (Strong’s 1404)? How did Sarai respond to Hagar after she conceived? How did Abram respond to Sarai’s complaint? Why did Abram return Hagar to Sarai? Was Abram abdicating his responsibility in this matter?

What does it mean that Sarah treated Hagar “harshly” (Strong’s 6031a)? How did Hagar respond? Where did Hagar go? What did the LORD do? What did the LORD instruct Hagar to do? What prophesy did the LORD give to Hagar? Who does God hear?

What was Ishmael (and his descendants) supposed to do? What did it mean that Ishmael was a “wild donkey of a man”?

If you believe that you don’t have to go through a furnace, who are you? If you believe you are going through a furnace, who are you?

What did Hagar prophesy? How did her prophesy come true?

Why is it significant that God named Ishmael before he was born?

Reader: Jeff. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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