Exodus 4-5: Moshe returned to Mitsraim with Aharon; Tzipporah does emergency circumcision; Pharaoh rejects the first request for Yisrael to leave

Moshe (Moses) returned to Mitsraim (Egypt) and found Aharon (Aaron) was willing to help him accomplish the task God gave him to do. However, Moshe and his wife Tzipporah have a life-and-death confrontation with God first, and she saved them all by quickly circumcising a son. Once Aharon and Moshe set God’s plan into motion, they face Pharaoh and hit their first roadblock.

Thought questions

Why did God nearly kill Moshe before his work even began? Do things have to get worse before they get better? Was Moshe a brave man by nature? What was the “strange question” that Moshe asked the LORD? Did God’s answer come into play in these next two chapters? Who were the taskmasters? Who do Moshe and Aharon represent? What three works were Moshe and Aharon given to show the Pharaoh? What did each of those miraculous works mean? What did Moshe take with him to Mitsraim? How was Pharaoh’s heart “hardened”? What did God mean when He told Pharaoh that Israel was His firstborn? Who was God going to kill? Who did Tzipporah circumcise? How did Tzipporah know that circumcising her son herself would please God? Where did Moshe and Aharon tell Pharaoh they wanted to go? What is the “wilderness”? What was the “three days’ journey”? What consequences did Moshe tell Pharaoh would fall on them if they didn’t do this? How did Pharaoh respond? Speaker: Richard Agee.

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