Exodus 25-26 — instructions for making the tabernacle

The LORD gave Moshe very specific instructions for the design of the tabernacle, God’s house in the midst of Israel. These are not just meaningless details. Rather, they are symbols that give us understanding into God’s plan to restore the face-to-face interaction between mankind and Himself.

Thought questions

Richard Agee measures the tabernacle altar
Richard show how tall the tabernacle altar of offerings was.

Why is there so much detail listed about the design of the tabernacle? Does God have a system or pattern? What colors are described here? Why are these details and colors important?

What kind of offerings from the people funded the creation of this tabernacle?

How were the measurements taken?

What kind of items are made of goat’s hair?

What is the “dolphin” skin?

Did the people have access to wild animals?

What is an ephod? What other ephods are mentioned in the TaNaK (Torah, Prophets and Writings)?

What is a “sanctuary”?

How large was the tabernacle?

How large was the ark? Why were “statutes” of angels carved on the ark? What were they called?

What happened to the blood of the sacrifices that was placed on the ark?

What do the cherubim guard? What did the palm trees represent?

What does the word testimony mean?

Do all the angels have wings?

What is the “witness” placed in the ark?

How is the world divided?

Where did the shewbread sit?

How does God’s standard compare to ours?

Did the Israelites live in tents as elaborate as the one they made for God?

Why do Jews light two lights on Shabbat? Why do some light a menorah on Shabbat?

Reader: Joshua Brady Speaker: Richard Agee

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