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Genesis 1:4 — ‘it was good’

 Why is there the repetition in Genesis 1 of “God saw ____ and it was good”? When God repeats Himself, take notice of something important. When He repeats Himself seven times in the same chapter, get ready for something amazing. Richard leads a discussion of what was so good about the light and everything else God created. Continue reading Genesis 1:4 — ‘it was good’

Genesis 1:3 — ‘let there be light’

In Gen. 1:3, God says, “Let there be light!” Richard explores the connection between God’s bringing light to darkness at the beginning of the world to Messiah Yeshua’s (Jesus) bringing His “light” to the darkness of people living apart from God. Continue reading Genesis 1:3 — ‘let there be light’

Genesis 1:2 — ‘ruach’

Gen. 1:2 says, “the Spirit of God was moving on the face of the waters” (NASB). The words from the original language for “Spirit” and “moving” give us an intimate picture of who God is. Continue reading Genesis 1:2 — ‘ruach’

Genesis 1:2 — ‘darkness was on the face of the deep’

Gen. 1:2 says that “darkness was on the face of the deep.” How is the “darkness” and “light” in Genesis 1 related to the “darkness” and “light” that apostles Paul and John talk about?

Continue reading Genesis 1:2 — ‘darkness was on the face of the deep’

Genesis 1:2 — ‘and darkness’

What is the big deal about “light” and “darkness” at the beginning of the heavens and the earth in Genesis 1? How is that connected to the light and darkness Yeshua (Jesus), the prophets and the apostles talk about in connection to people? Continue reading Genesis 1:2 — ‘and darkness’

Genesis 1:1 — ‘the heavens and the earth’

Richard explores the last four Hebrew words in the first verse in the Bible, translated as “the heavens and the earth.” What did apostle Paul mean when he said he was taken to the “third heaven”? The Hebrew word for “heavens” explains this.

Continue reading Genesis 1:1 — ‘the heavens and the earth’

Genesis 1:1 — ‘created’

The second Hebrew word in Genesis 1 — בָּרָא ’bara, “create” — tells us a lot about something that God is creating in us, His body of believers that is unseen, powerful and will get greater over time. Continue reading Genesis 1:1 — ‘created’