Acts 8:5,12 — proclaiming Christ and ‘the Name’

What does it mean to preach the name of Christ (Acts 8:5,12) or proclaim the name of the LORD (Psa. 22:22)? Some say it is most important to accurately present His reputation, and some say one must correctly pronounce His name?

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

What does kerusso mean in Greek (see Gen. 4:26)? What is its Hebrew equivalent?

What is a herald? What message was Philip “calling out”? How do “proclaiming” and “teaching” go together? In what context can “proclaiming” without teaching work well? In what context do you need to teach and proclaim at the same time? Which task is more difficult: proclaiming or teaching?

What other “job titles” do believers carry?

What does the Greek word Christos mean? What does chrisma mean?

What is the Greek word for name? What is the significance of a name?

Which is more important, to pronounce “the name of Christ” or “the name of the LORD” correctly in a certain language or to accurately inform and represent the reputation?

Speaker: Jeff.

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