Two weddings and a funeral — Wedding Feast of the Lamb

Sukkot is a harvest festival, and harvesting involves cutting plant material, separating it from its previous environment on a branch or stalk and starting its journey of transformation to something else. That something else could be decorations for a sukkah, which looks forward to God’s setting up a permanent home for the Kingdom of God on Earth. Today’s we’ll explore two weddings and a funeral found in Scripture.

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We look forward to great “marriage moments” in the account of the Kingdom of God’s bringing the Kingdom of Rebellion to an end. The first is called the “marriage dinner of the Lamb” after the deceiving Babylon power is put down (Rev. 19:1–9). The second is the “bridal chamber “coming to Earth after the recreation of all things (Rev. 21:1–2).

In Romans 6, the apostle Paul compared our transformation under God’s power to the all-consuming commitment of a slave to a new master. In the next chapter, he compared this transformation to marriage, with the death of the “bride,” or believers, freeing her from her first husband, the Law of God, and allowing her to “marry” a new “husband,” Messiah Yeshua, the Lamb (Rom. 6:20–7:4). As Paul elaborated in Romans 8, the people of God can’t be the same type of people as when they came to know Him.

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