The Eighth Day — sight for the blind who want to see God and blindness for those who claim to see Him but don’t

In part 3 of this discussion of the Eighth Day in John 7-10, the healing of the blind man and the parable of the door for the sheep corral show how believers in Yeshua as God’s Messiah will see the “a new heavens and a new earth” foretold in Isa. 66:22, 2nd Pet. 3:13 and Rev. 21:1.

Recap of John 7-8

Why was Yeshua in hiding during the Feast of Tabernacles? 

Why is John 7:17 an important clue about the goal of Yeshua’s ministry, particularly in the judgment of the woman caught in adultery? Was He seeking glory for Himself? How did He reveal the will of the Father?

Why did Yeshua stay in Jerusalem after the end of the seventh and last day of the Feast of Tabernacles (John 8:1-2)?

What did John record about what he saw in the judgment of the adulterous woman (John 8:7)? What did Yeshua give the woman (John 8:11)? How does Yeshua judge (John 8:15-16)?

How do we continue in God’s will (John 8:31)? Who hears the word of God (John 8:47)?

Who received the “new beginning” promised by the Eighth Day?

Food for thought from the recorded discussion of John 9:1-10:21

Why was this man born blind (John 9:1-3)? How did Yeshua heal the blind man? 

How did the people in the immediate area react to the healing of the blind man (John 9:13-14)?

What did the Pharisees do when the blind man was brought to them? What did they think of the blind man’s story? Were the Pharisees united in their opinion of the blind man and of Yeshua?

What did the Pharisees do to the blind man’s parents? How did the blind man react to this (John 9:24-34)? How did the Pharisees react to the blind man in the end of the trial? 

Who was really giving God the glory? On what basis were the Pharisees judge the blind man? How did their judgment compare with Yeshua’s judgment of the blind man at the beginning of the chapter?

What did Yeshua do after the blind man left the Pharisee’s judgment chamber (John 9:35)? How did the blind man react to meeting Yeshua for the first time after his healing? What was Yeshua’s judgment upon the Pharisees in leadership and their response (John 9:39-41; cf. Jer. 2:34-35)? How does this judgment explain apostle Paul’s comment “because the letter [of the Torah] kills but the Spirit gives life” (2nd Cor. 3:4-6)?

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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