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Numbers 22:1-25:9: God sent emissaries to the Gentiles too

The prophet Bilam (Balaam) is not an isolated individual, an anomaly in Scripture. He was not the first or last emissary to the Gentiles. God did not leave them without guidance. Bilam is a foreshadowing of the ministry of Saul of Tarsus, aka the apostle Paul, whose experience on the road to Damascus echoes the account in the Torah reading בָּלָק Balak of Bilam’s experience with a “recalcitrant” she-donkey.

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Parashat Balak (בלק): Numbers 22:2-25:9

A talking donkey may seem like fodder for a cartoon, but this passage — בָּלָק Balak, Num. 22:2-25:9 — contains a very real message for Israel about its future and the Messiah. Often, the Creator uses what we don’t expect — an animal, a prophet not of Israel — to shake up the complacent and underscore the gravity of the situation.

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Numbers 22:1–25:9: Stubborn as a donkey about true prophecy

Everyone loves a story about talking animals, especially smart ones. But the account in the Torah reading בָּלָק Balak isn’t just fodder for a fun animated kids’ movie. It’s an important lesson that God wants us to recognize false prophets and not follow them.

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Numbers 24: Balaam sees Messiah’s not-yet coming

The cryptic lines of Balaam’s reluctant blessing of Israel contains pictures of what Israel should expect in its Messiah.

Thought questions

What is the purpose of Baalam’s message to Balak?

What was the difference between the two oracles of Numbers 23? What is the significance of Baalam’s eyes and ears being opened in the oracles in Numbers 24?

What did Baalam see and hear?

What is meant by a wide valley in Num. 24:6?

What is the prophesy in “his seed will be many waters”?

What time period did Baalam see with Agag being deposed?

Which king of Israel came out of Egypt?

Who does Baalam see but is not yet in Num. 24:17?

When the Magi saw the star move what direction did the star move?

Did Yeshua’s first coming subdue Moab? When are Edom and Seir mentioned? How does this related to the prophecy of they younger ruling over the older?