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Exodus 18-19: God introduces Himself to Yisra’el

Richard AgeeWhen Moshe was on this mountain with the burning bush, which didn’t actually burn, he had to ask God who He was. Now he is back at this same mountain, but this time God has set the entire mountain on fire with smoke. This was not just for Moshe and Aaron, but it’s for all the people to see and respect.

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1st Kings 7:1-12: Lessons from the design of Solomon’s palace

Daniel AgeeThere a few details worth sharing about the design of Solomon’s house (1st Kings 7:1-12). Why was this recorded? There isn’t even a parallel passage in Chronicles. Why does Solomon’s personal residence matter? Why should we even care?

There is nothing arbitrary recorded in the Scriptures (2nd Tim. 3:16). God made sure this information was included in the Bible for a reason.

A description of the design of Solomon’s palace seems more appropriate for an architecture textbook than the Scriptures. Yet the elements of the design tap frequent symbols in Scripture, pointing to the roles of “priest” and “king” in the Messianic Age.

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Exodus 12–40 recap

We skipped over recapping of Exodus 7–11 because that section of scripture details the plagues of Egypt that utterly decimated their people and economy. Every Passover is a recap of this section of Scripture so we started our detailed recap from Exodus 12 and through the rest of the book.

When Yeshua told the elders that the scriptures speak of Him, many of us had no idea how much Messianic foreshadowing is found in this book. The exit from Egypt after Passover and the journey to Canaan was orderly, not chaotic. The journeys to and from Egypt, for Abraham, Joseph, Jacob and the Messiah are a lesson for us.

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