Sukkot: Anger Without Sin

Feast of Tabernacles — Day 2

David De Fever, coordinator of Hallel Fellowship, passes along what he’s learned about managing his anger and helping other believers in God to do likewise. He talks about the roots of anger, how it is expressed and answers audience questions about specific manifestations of anger in our lives.

Listen to David’s talk “Controlling Anger” from the Feast of Tabernacles in 2006.

Dave De FeverDavid talks about the parts of anger:

  1. Physiological: Rush of feelings when something triggers you.
  2. Mental: How you think about your feelings in deciding what to do with them.
  3. Behavioral: How you execute those decisions about your feelings.

He discusses the seven phases of anger:

  1. Hurt
  2. Frustration: Thwarted from doing what you want or should be able to do.
  3. Fear: Loss of control or expectation of consequences.
  4. Anger: Feelings of hurt complicated by frustration and fear.
  5. Wrath: Anger seethes within one’s heart and brews into bitterness and unforgiveness.
  6. Hostility: Anger is collected and aggressive. You are ready to fight.
  7. Hate: Bottled up hostility which is turned inward as depression or outward toward those involved with hurting the purpose.

 Suicide and murder kicks in at phase 7.

Recovery comes from acknowledging the hurt and taking responsibility for it by refusing to harbor anger because of it. Freedom from anger comes from dwelling with God through prayer and reading His word and finding rest in Messiah Yeshua. We must learn to filter our thoughts and impulses.

The materials David mentions are produced by Turning Point in Tennessee. The work book is called Anger Management and meant to be facilitated in a group setting of believers. It’s a nine-week course that builds progressively with each session. At the time of the presentation David and Kathy De Fever were facilitating sessions with a family of four.

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