Structure of the Book of Esther points to messianic prophecy

Purim 2011 - court of King Xerxes
King Akhashverosh (center) with Mordecai (to his left), Haman (to the king's right) and attendants

Many passages in the Bible were written with a chiastic structure, which is like rhyming patterns in poetry but pairing similar information or concepts instead. That’s one reason why some passages seem to be highly repetitive. The point of chiastic structures is to point the reader to a key concept. Daniel explains that the Book of Esther is one large chiastic structure, focusing on a messianic prophecy in the middle.

Book of Esther chiastic structure – compiled by Daniel Agee

Esther 4:11 appears to be the center of a chiastic structure spanning the whole book. This seems to point toward a key figure who would face certain death to save the people of Israel then be granted life afterward.

court of Queen Vashti
Queen Vashti and her attendants

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