Seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread — Significance then and today of Israel’s crossing of the Red Sea

Seven days after Israel left Egypt after the first Passover, the new nation went through the Red Sea. The salvation of the LORD was on display. God said that “from generation to generation” we are to remember the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. It is easy not to remember this time because the world’s system purposefully distracts from this time and ignores it as much as possible. God proved His sincere desire to redeemed mankind when He commanded His Son to die for us.

Texts: Ex. 13:3-6, 15, 20-22; 14:5-18

Journey to the 10

Listen to this previous study of the Exodus 12–20, reliving Israel’s steps from Passover lamb selection through receiving the 10 Commandments on Shavu’ot, or Pentecost.

We shouldn’t concentrate on whether we are eating leavened or unleavened bread but whether we are spiritually leavened or unleavened. How does this related to God’s promise to finish the work he has started in us?

Was this seven day trip a pleasant trip? The period between the Exodus and the Red Sea is the only trek where the children of Israel had to walk by day and by night. There was no stopping, no sleeping, no rest.

God was able to protect their clothing from wearing out for 40 years, He was certainly able to sustain them for the seven-day trip from Egypt to the Sea.

There’s no break between the 13th and 14th chapters except the artificial break placed there by the editors of the Bible.

Many might not know that the area where the Israelites came to rest just before the Red Sea was an Egyptian military outpost. They reported this back to Pharaoh and Pharaoh decided to take the chance and try to take the Israelites back. There is a reason the Egyptians had a military post right on the Sea: they had an enemy on the other side of the sea.

Why would this area at the Red Sea be dedicated to the “Lord of the North”? The Egyptians were no different from other people’s who rebel against God by worshiping the creation and not the Creator. Why would God sit the people here? The Pharaoh thought that he had the people trapped and they would be easy to take back. He thought they were trapped by the “Lord of the North” but God had different plans.

How soon did Pharaoh forget God’s strength. This is seven days after the death of his first-born son yet he says, “What is this we have done, that we have let Israel go from serving us?” We have this impression from Hollywood that the Israelite’s flight from Egypt was in fear and chaos but the Bible shows us the opposite. They walked by day and night for seven days in order. It was the Egyptians who were in fear and confusion in the aftermath of the plagues. It was fear and confusion that brought on the fateful decision to try to enslave the Israelites all over again.

How did God part the Red Sea? Through Moses. Who did the people see as their savior? Moses and Aaron. They didn’t think they were witnessing God’s power. They believed they were witnesses Moses’ power, even though Moses told them that God’s power would be at work in a mighty way that day?

Moses and the cloud followed after the people into the sea, rather than leading them into the sea. The people had to obey Moses’ command in faith. Up to this point, Moses and the cloud had led them through but now they had to step out themselves.

Yeshua said that He has overcome the word. God overcame the Egyptians. After the crossing of the Red Sea, the Egyptians were no longer a threat to the Israelites. After we are baptized, Satan is no longer a threat to us God will being to test us to reveal what is in us. We need hardships and difficulties to learn that God has the power to deliver.

Many of you may be troubled and you being to wonder “am I bringing this upon myself”? Did the Israelites bring their troubles on themselves? No. God brought it on them to test them and strengthen them?

Speaker: Richard Agee. Summary: Tammy.

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