Akhashverosh (Xerxes) hears about Mordechai in the chronicles

Purim — an interactive condensed drama from the book of Esther

Haman tries to convince Akhashverosh (Xerxes) to honor him.
Haman tries to convince king Akhashverosh (Xerxes) to honor him, setting up the confrontation with the Jews that leads to the miraculous deliverance of Purim.

Hallel Fellowship celebrated Purim with a fun take on the deadly serious account of the thwarted genocide of the Yehudim (Jews) living in exile in Persia in the fifth century B.C.E.

To follow along with the recorded drama, download Tammy’s condensation of the book of Esther for six readers (PDF) and many more actors of all ages.

The Script

PDF Download the book of Esther script in PDF format (152KB)


Narrator: Jeff. King: John. Haman: Susan. Supporting characters (Memukhan, Zeresh, servants, etc.): Carmel. Esther: Rose. Mordecai: Bill K.


King: Joshua. Mordecai: William. Haman: Daniel. Vashti: Annemarie. Esther: Jordan. Zeresh: Tara. Court attendants: Isaac, Jacq, Sunny.

Themes in the book of Esther and Purim

Jeff offers a brief overview of the significance of Purim for believers in Messiah Yeshua.

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