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Passion of the Messiah in Psalms

In preparation for Passover, we consider the theme of Psalms 22, 23, 40 and 88 is not death but the willingness to die despite one’s fear of death. Our greatest enemy is death, not the Devil. We know that Yeshua feared God because He knew God’s awesome power. He wasn’t afraid of the Devil. He triumphed over the Devil at the temptation. He cast demons from many people. He had no fear of the Devil, yet He was afraid of death. Yeshua prayed to the point of bleeding drops of blood as He prayed to ask God if He could avoid death.

Psalm 22 starts with despair and ends with hope and restoration. There’s something here that tells us more than we have spotted before. 

Did God forsake Yeshua at the cross? Yes, in a sense, He did. Yeshua was a perfect man. There was no wickedness in Him, yet He took our wickedness on Himself and at that point, God no longer heard Him. He did this voluntarily. 

Part of this psalm is addressed to the “descendants of Ya’akov (Jacob)” and we see here that Yeshua died for Israel first and then the rest of the world. 

How does Psalm 23 relate to the Messiah? Who is the Good Shepard? Yeshua said His Father is greater than He.

In Psalm 22, we see despair give way to hope. In Psalm 23, we see that hope consummated.  We see the enemy defeated and the righteous vindicated. The House of Ya’akov is now able to fulfill their role. All authority is now given to Yeshua. 

Why would the rod and staff be comforting to the Psalmist? It’s because the rod and the staff are in the hands of God and later given to the Messiah. The rod and staff are not in the devil’s hands. The devil does not guide us and punish us but accuses us. 

The book of Hebrews addresses how Psalm 40 applies to the Messiah (Heb. 10:5–7; cf. Psa. 40:6–8). The psalmist discovered the Messiah in the pages of the Torah. He saw how the patriarchs didn’t give sacrifices to God as much as they gave their very lives to God, particularly Yitzkhak (Isaac). 

David and the other psalmists did not write these portions of Psalms for themselves but under God’s inspiration for us. Psalm 80 shows us the depths of Yeshua’s fear of death. Yeshua feared never seeing God again. Yeshua knew that in the grave, He could not praise Him.

Speaker: Richard Agee. Readers: Ann Hertel, Ellie Agee, Jeff & Tammy. Summary: Tammy.

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