Numbers 28:11–31: Meaning behind monthly, Passover and Pentecost offerings

Learn how to see Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus) in the קרבנות qorbanot (offerings, sacrifices) presented at the Tabernacle of Israel on each ראש חדש Rosh Chodesh (New Moon), פסח Pesakh (Passover) and שבעות Shavu’ot (Pentecost).

These monthly and annual memorials of God’s action pointed forward to what Yeshua would do.

Numbers 28:1-10: Messiah in daily and Sabbath offerings

Learn how to see Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus) in the תמיד tamid (continual, morning and evening) and שבת Shabbat (Sabbath) offerings.

These daily and weekly memorials of God’s action pointed forward to what Yeshua would do and is doing.

Numbers 26–27: Accounting for light and righteousness in Israel

After various plagues and judgments over the 40 years of wandering in wilderness, God called for Israel to be counted again. It was also time to divide the Promised Land among the 12 tribes, based on the wisdom of God’s light and righteousness.

Thought questions

  • What does it mean to divide the land by lots?
  • Is the count by אלף elef, by clans or by thousands adding up to 601,000?
    • What is the significance of the word census in Num. 26:2 being the Hebrew word ראש rosh, which means “head”?
    • How many “heads” or “divisions” did each tribe have? (Compare the use of אלף elef in Joshua 6:15.)
  • If the Hebrew words Urim and Thurim mean “light” and “righteousness,” respectively, how does the use of decision-making objects named after those words relate to the division of the Promised Land among the tribes?

Purim (Festival of Lots): The “hidden” holy day

Teacher: Daniel Agee

Just as Esther is the “hidden Jew” in the account recorded in the Bible book by the same name, Purim, or the Festival of Lots, is the hidden holy day with massive Messianic meaning for the Day of YHWH. [View pictures of  Hallel Fellowship’s celebration.] Continue reading Purim (Festival of Lots): The “hidden” holy day

Numbers 25: Perpetual priesthood of peace and mercy for wayward Israel

Have you been “dragged away and enticed” by something that seems irresistibly appealing? Feel like God could never take you back? A false prophet enticed Israel away from God with sex, but God’s ambassador was there to mend the relationship. 

Thought questions

  • What is the significance of the covenant of peace with Phinehas?
  • What was Peor?
  • How does that play into Baalam’s knowledge of the LORD?
  • What does Ba’al mean?
  • What does “hang them in the sun” mean in Num. 25:4? Which direction does the tabernacle face?
  • Why is the Midianite woman who went in the an Isarelite man named?
  • What does “worship” mean?
  • How did Phinehas make atonement for Israel by killing the rebellious Israelite man?
  • What does “whoredom” or “play the harlot” mean in Num. 25:1? What does “adultery” mean?
  • How does this meaning play into the prophet’s and Messiah’s use of the word to describe rebellious Israelites?
  • Why were the leaders weeping at the door of the Tabernacle?

Joshua 5

Teacher: Daniel Agee [contact]
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Duration: 53:50

Thought questions

  • Why was the commander of the LORD’s army standing with his sword drawn?
    • How does this relate to the time of year?
    • Does God take sides?
  • What’s the significance of circumcision before Passover?
    • Why hadn’t they been circumcised before?
    • What is the connection between the crossing of Jordan and circumcision?
    • What happened after Israel crossed the Red Sea, and how does that relate to circumcision?
    • What does baptism and circumcision mean?
    • What are you trying to cut off in circumcision?
    • What is the difference between who witnesses baptism and circumcision?
    • What is the definition of circumcision before the Messiah?
    • How would you feel if your spouse doesn’t want to wear a ring?
  • What is baptism?
    • How are baptism and circumcision similar in the time and in the male’s and believer’s life?
    • How do you get a new identity with God?
    • What does it mean to roll away the reproach of Fgypt?
    • How did the pining for Egypt continue from the first to the second generation out of Egypt?
  • Why did those in Apostolic congregations detest those who weren’t circumcised?
    • Why is the commander of the LORD’s army neither for or against Israel?
    • Why is the land where Yehoshua (Joshua) is standing holy?