Matthew 4:1–13 — temptation of Yeshua for 40 days parallel the testing of Israel for 40 years

In this next chapter, Yeshua travels away from His anointing at His baptism and is sent “by the Spirit” to the wilderness to suffer temptation at the hands of the Adversary. These temptations, His reaction to them and how He overcame them were a crucial training ground to prepare Him for His final mission of crucifixion and resurrection.

Thought Questions

See also: Matt. 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; Ex. 34:27-29; Deut. 8:1-6; Deut. 6:10-19; Ex. 17:7

Is it important that the order of the temptations are different in one version v. another?

How was Satan waiting for an “appointed” time?

What drove Yeshua into the wilderness?

What is the relevance of the 40 days in the wilderness?

How is Yeshua transitioning from one phase of His life to another?

What did the Adversary offer Yeshua?

How did Yeshua respond?

What did the Adversary offer Yeshua that he did not have the right to give?

What is the significance of one of the temptations occurring in the Temple?

What “sign” did the people of Israel need in this time?

How was Yeshua grounded in God’s word?

How did these temptations prepare Yeshua for the crucifixion?

Speaker: Jeff. Reader: Daniel Agee

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