Matthew 24 — ‘appointed times’ provide a roadmap for the end of time

Sometimes we have an idea that the only purpose of prophesy is to predict the future. God is telling us, through a human agent, what He is doing. The true prophet is not guessing or extrapolating from context, he is simply stating a fact. Matthew 24, Revelation 6 and Revelation 12 show us how the “appointed times” are a roadmap for the end of time.

Thought Questions

Passages: Jer. 30:1-5,7; Deut. 32:23-24; Rev. 6:1-11; 12:1

What is the “time of Jacob’s trouble”? Who will experience this? Who will see it?

Who is the woman in white with the moon as her footstool and the 12 stars as her crown?

What stars did the dragon cast down?

How many stars were cast down?

What is the devil attacking?

Why do bad things happen?

What is the background of Matthew 24 (Mt. 24:3)?

When and how does God glorify His name?

What do people do when they are offended?

What will “those to endure to the end” be saved from?

What is the “abomination of desolation” discussed here?

What does it mean to be “taken away”? What does it mean to be “left behind”?

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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