Leviticus 8-10 — Moshe ordains Aharon and his sons as the priesthood

The book of Leviticus is not about laws but about how to be a priest. A lot of these lessons are physical but there’s more of the Spirit in these chapters than a cursory view might suggest.

Thought Questions

What is a consecration offering?

What is “put in order” in these chapters?

What does it mean that God “appeared” on the 8th day?

Why didn’t Moses have to make an offering for himself?

What was the fire Nadab and Abihu offered?

What is the “strange fire” (zur esh, Strongs 2114a and 784)? What did they do wrong? Why didn’t the other two sons (Eleazar and Ithamar) get punished when they made an error in regards to not eating the portion of the offering they were supposed to eat?

Who was supposed to bring the blood into the altar?

What is the real meaning of “profane”?

Which offering was all the family of Aaron allowed to eat?

What is most precious to God?

Reader: Dave De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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