Leviticus 26-27 — God mixes justice with mercy

The topic of these two chapters is God’s anger: the just anger that comes when His people do not follow the way He has laid out for them. God reveals the blessings He will give them if they obey Him and give their hearts to Him and the curses that will come upon them they disobey Him by running towards other gods.

Though questions

Does the term “Shabbat” only refer to the seventh day of the week?

Does God love for no reason?

Why does God love?

What does the word “love” mean?

What are the blessings God gives for faithfulness?

What are the curses God gives for idolatry?

How many times does he repeat these consequences?

Is God a “terrorist”?

What are the weighty matters of the law?

How do we “accept” the penalty for our transgressions?

How do we make restitution?

Who receives the restitution?

How is Leviticus 26 a prophesy?

How much “value” does God place on different categories of people?

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