Leviticus 23-24 — ‘Feasts to the LORD’; ‘the LORD spoke to…’

The 23rd chapter of Leviticus is a relatively obvious passage. The explanations are simple and self-explanatory, except for questions about the biblical timing of Firstfruits and Pentecost.

The 24th chapter is a bit unusual and not so simple to decipher. When you read the book of Leviticus and you find the phrase “the LORD spoke to…” pay attention to whom is supposed to hear the message. There were some messages for the sons of Aaron but some messages were for the people of Israel. Each group had their own duties and responsibilities, and it’s God Himself Who decides.

Thought Questions

Why are there two loaves at Shavuot?? Why are they leavened?

Who are we supposed to go to relight our light?

What spice was placed on top of the bread?

What was the purpose of this spice?

What type of bread is brought to be put upon the fire?

What is a “memorial” (Strong’s lexicon No. 234, ????????? azkarah)?

How often did they serve unleavened bread?

What is done on every single Shabbat?

Why are sin offerings presented on Shabbat?

What was the blasphemy that brought the judicial quandary in this passage?

How does God teach Moses about how to deal with the blasphemy?

Who were the mother and grandfather of the blasphemer?

Speaker: Richard Agee. Reader: David De Fever.

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