Leviticus 19-20 — God teaches Israel how to be holy

Up to this point, most of Leviticus has described how the Levites were to serve God. Starting at this point, we now start to learn how God wants the people to serve him.

Thought questions

What phrase is repeated often in Leviticus 19?

What is soothsaying?

What does it mean to “rebuke your neighbor” without sin?

If God wants certain kinds of criminals to suffer a death penalty, why does God command the people to carry this out in the form of a court system rather than just striking them down Himself?

How do you love your neighbor?

How do we accept the “stranger” in our gates?

What does mean to give one’s children to Molech? ?Why did God warn the Israelites not to commit the actions of the people who are in the land?

What is a land of milk and honey?? What did the people miss about Egypt?

Reader: David De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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