Lessons from The Name

In Ex. 3:14, God tells Moshe to identify Him to the elders of Israel as, in Hebrew, “‘Ehyeh ‘Asher ‘Ehyeh.” It’s translated various ways, such as “I Am Who I Am” and “I Will Be Who I  Will Be.” Richard Agee explores the teaching of The Name.

The Name: I Am Who I Am

This is the Hebrew phrase, “‘Ehyeh ‘Asher ‘Ehyeh,” read from right to left.

The Name: I Am Who I Am (early Hebrew)

This is the same phrase, written in what is commonly called “early Hebrew.” (See this list of early, middle, late and modern Hebrew characters.)

The Name

This is the four-letter Hebrew name for “the LORD,” also known as the Tetragrammaton.

The Name (early Hebrew)

This is the Tetragrammaton rendered in early Hebrew.

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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