Journey to the 10 — Exodus 16:1-19 — Wilderness of Sin, Sinai and daily ‘what is it?’ bread

The people of Israel had cried out from the burden of overwork but they didn’t want God to remove them from Goshen forever. Yet, that’s what God did in a miraculous way. As we have reached the fifth week leading up to Sinai, the people are becoming very homesick for Egypt as they are traveling further and further from Egypt. God brings the people of Israel to the wilderness of Sin where they murmur against God for the second time. God responds by making a surprising provision and another test of their willingness to listen and obey God.

Thought Questions

How does the book of Numbers give additional information about the events of the Exodus? Is the Bible written in chronological order? How does God organize His word?

This is the second time they murmured against God. How did God respond?

How did God provide for the people when the Israelites were in the wilderness of Sin on the way to Sinai?

What did God promise to them after they murmured the first time?

What does the word Marah mean?

What do the 12 wells of good water mean?

What did the 70 palm trees mean?

What is the wilderness of Sin?

What does it mean?

What does the Hebrew word Sin mean (Ezekiel 30:13-16)?

What does the Hebrew word Sinai mean?

How is Sin associated with Egypt?

Did God disrupt the Israelites?

Why did God go out of his way to take them from a beautiful area to an area without good food and water?

What does it mean that God wanted to “prove” the Israelites?

What did God want to know?

Was the manna a blessing?

How does the Torah tell us what to do and what to say?

What was the lesson God was trying to teach the people with the manna?

Why is the Sabbath important to God?

When did they eat “flesh” and when did they eat the bread?

What happened when they ate the quail?

How were they supposed to gather the manna?

What are we supposed to learn from this?

What does it mean when Yeshua said, “Give us today our daily bread”?

Why did God use this method to teach the people about the sacredness of the Sabbath?

What is the purpose of the Sabbath?

Reader: Dave De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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