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How do we make the God’s words honorable?

Sean HiltonHow are we living up to God’s instruction to make His words in the Bible “honorable”?:

“The LORD was pleased for His righteousness’ sake, To make the law great and glorious.” (Isa. 42:21)

Let’s explore this first to Deut. 4:5-8. This is a mirror image of what Yeshua says that people should see when they look at us as believers. 

We want wisdom, understanding, and the phrase “great nation” is seen several times in this text. How does the New Testament tell us how to be a “great nation”? What does the Word say? What makes a “great nation”? What did Yeshua say about this in Matt. 19:16-26?

Let’s look at the parallel passage in Mark 10:18-21 and Mark 12:18-34. This is a second witness and third witness on this topic in the book of Mark

How does Yeshua tell us to live an honorable life in Luke 6:20–49? It has to start with the heart on an individual level. How do we love our neighbor if we don’t even know them?

Yeshua teaches the Greatest Commandment and Second-Greatest Commandment in Luke 10:23-27. It’s hard to love our neighbors as ourselves when we don’t even know how to love ourselves.

If the apostle Paul could be considered a “know it all” as a student of Gamaliel, in Rom. 12:1–21 he does seem to understand Isa. 42:21 in a profound way.

It’s not about how each of us keep the Shabbat, or if we pronounce God’s name correctly. If we are to be a great nation, we have to look at everything through the eyes of love, as we read in Lets explore the Bible description of true love in 1Corinthians 13. Paul uses the phrase “If I have not love…” several times. Without love, our knowledge and practice is nothing. 

It’s awesome to see and learn new things but sometimes the delivery of this truth is very poor. We are all going to fall short, that is why we need Yeshua. If we don’t start with ourselves, we can’t be of help to others. 

Speaker: Sean Hilton. Summary: Tammy.

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