Genesis 6 — the ‘days of Noah’ foreshadow the last days

Messiah Yeshuah (Jesus) said that the days of Noakh (Noah) would be like the last days before Yeshua’s return. What was Noakh’s generation like, and what can we learn from his righteousness in that time?

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

Gen. 6:1-2 — Is it unusual that daughters were born in this time? What daughters are mentioned here? Who are the “sons of God”? Who are the “daughters of men”?

Who was Seth? Who did Seth “replace,” as his name implies? What characteristic did people see in Abel? What are some of the differences between Cain and Seth? Where does the line of Seth ultimately lead? Why is the line of Cain listed in the Bible? Why is the line of Seth listed?

Gen. 6:3 — What did God mean when He said “His spirit” would not always “strive” with man? (See use of the word translated strive in: Gen. 15:14; Gen. 49:16; Psa. 69:10.) How does your understanding of this text change when you replace the English word strive with the word judge instead?

Gen 6:4 — What were the “giants”? What does this word really mean? What is the Hebrew word for mighty? What does it mean? What is the Hebrew word for renown? What does it mean?

Gen. 6:4 — What made God “sorry”? What does that word mean (Psa. 69:20)?

Gen. 6:8 — How did Noakh (Noah) “find favor” in God’s eyes (Gen. 6:9)? How does God describe Noah (see also Matt. 5:48)? Can we be “perfect”? How do we become perfect? What is perfection?

Gen. 6:17 — Who brought the Flood? What does this mean for us?

Yeshua (Jesus) said the days of Noah will be similar to the last days, and He mentions marriage specifically (Matt. 24:38). Why?

How has the false doctrine of evolution confused people about what the Bible says about who the “sons of God” really are?

Reader: Jeff. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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