Genesis 49:22–33 — Ya’akov blesses his 12 sons — Ben-Yamin and Yosef; Ya’akov dies

We read the prophesies of the last days given to Yosef (Joseph) and Ben-Yamin (Benjamin) by Israel, their father. He also gives the final instructions for his burial. He wanted to be buried with his father and grandfather.

Thoughts questions

What doe the Hebrew word ayin mean? What is the “eye” of the water? What is the best translation of this word (Gen. 24:12; Exodus 15)?

What is the Hebrew word that is usually translated as “branches”?

What is the prophesy about Yosef’s daughters (Proverbs 31)?

What does it mean to be an “archer”? What is a husband?
What does abir mean in English (Isa. 60:16; Isa. 49:28)?

Who is the “Stone” and “Shepherd of Israel”?

Is this prophesy only about Yosef or it is also about Yeshua? What is “salvation”?

Why does God bless Yosef with so many children?

What does it mean that Ben-Yamin (Benjamin) is like a wolf?

What is the sword (Psalm 80)?

Reader: Dave De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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