Genesis 46 — Ya’akov goes to Mitsraim and finally sees his son Yosef again

Ya’akov asks God’s permission to go to the Land of Egypt, Mitsraim in Hebrew, to meet his son Yosef (Joseph) again. When God gives him the green light, he leaves the land of Canaan and travels to Mitsraim in the entourage Pharaoh provides him and his family. Ya’akov’s and Yosef’s joy are complete.

Thought questions

Why were shepherds and cattle ranchers “loathsome” to the Egyptians?

Where did Ya’akov go to ask God’s permission to visit Yosef in Egypt?

What does the word Beersheba mean?

What does the name Israel mean?

What does the same Sarah mean?

What does the name Isaac mean?

What does it mean that Yosef would “close Ya’akov’s eyes”?

What does it mean that God will bring Ya’akov back up?

How is this verse a promise of resurrection?

What were the names of Reuben’s son?

What do their names mean?

Why is Rachel referred to as Ya’akov’s wife but not Leah even though Leah married Ya’akov first?

What does the number 70 mean?

Why was Judah chosen to speak to Yosef?

Why did Yosef go to Ya’akov rather than having Ya’akov come to him?

What did Ya’akov see when he saw Yosef’s face (Gen. 46:30)?

How does John 5:37-47 help us understand how Yeshua is revealed in the Tanak?

What does Isaiah 41:1-4 tell us about the Messiah?

What does Zech. 12:10 tell us about the Messiah

What does Isaiah 53:6 tell us about the Messiah?

What did God say in Revelation 1:8 say about Himself?

Why was John on Patmos?

Reader: Jeff. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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