Genesis 44-45 — Yosef reveals the true selves of the brothers

Yosef’s (Joseph) scheme to discover how his brothers really felt about Benjamin (and by extension, himself) came to a head. The “revealer of what is concealed” forced his brothers to reveal their own secrets, not only to him but to their father.

Thought questions

Why is Yehudah (Judah) mentioned first among the brothers when Reuben is the oldest?

How well hidden was Yosef at this point?

Why is Yosef setting a trap?

Why does the steward simply follow Yosef’s order?

How did the steward protect Benjamin from the brother’s rash vow?

What did the brothers react to the steward’s accusation of theft?

How does the scene when the brothers return to Yosef fulfill Yosef’s vision of the 11 stars bowing at his feet?

What did Judah tell Yosef that Yosef did not know before?

Why was Judah begging for Benjamin’s life?

Why was this a good thing?

What secrets are revealed in Genesis 45?

Did Yosef forgive them?

Where did Yosef want to put his family?

What happened when the brothers told Ya’akov (Jacob) about Yosef’s life in Egypt?

Reader: Josh Brady. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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