Genesis 42 — the sons of Israel meet the Prime Minister of Egypt

The tables are starting to turn against Yosef’s brothers. God, through Yosef (Joseph), is revealing their sin against Yosef and they are confronted with their unrighteousness and start the process of repentence. 

Thought questions

Who did the brothers believe they were speaking to?

How did Yosef know God without the written Torah?

Which brother was missing? Why did Ya’akov (Jacob) favor Yosef?

How did Yosef make himself “strange” (Strong’s lexicon No. 5235(a) nakar) to his brethren?

What kind of “harm” or “mischief” was Ya’akov trying to protect Ben-Yamin (Benjamin) from?

How did the brothers speak “harshly” to Yosef? How does Yosef’s treatment of his brothers mirror their ill treatment of him when he was young? How was the dream of the sheaves fulfilled? Has the dream of the sun, moon and stars been fulfilled yet?

Who did “Zaphenath-paneah” swear by in his proclamation to the brothers? Why did this oath upset Jewish commentators?

Why did Yosef hold them in jail for three days? What did Yosef do during these three days? Who did Yosef hold back? Why was Shim’on (Simeon) bound in public? What did Reuben know about Yosef’s disappearance?

Who found the money in their sack? How did Reuben try to assure Ya’akov they he would protect and take care of Ben-Yamin? Did this assure Ya’akov?

Did the sons of Ya’akov take sides between the wives? How did the strife between the sisters affect the sons? 

Reader: Bill Kastrinos. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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