Genesis 39–40 — Dreams with a vision, a mission

What do the dreams by Pharaoh’s baker and wine taster on the coming famine and the interpretations delivered by Yosef (Joseph) that catapulted him to to authority in Mitsraim (Egypt) tell Yosef? What would they tell Messiah Yeshua, the antitype to Yosef’s type?

Food for thought from the recorded discussion of Genesis 39–40

What is the significance of each character in the story of Yosef? Who is Potiphar? What was Potiphar’s wife role in Yosef’s life? 

What was the mistake Yosef made? Why did God not allow Yosef to testify on his own behalf? Why did the wife’s word hold so much sway?

Did God want Yosef in jail? Was it God’s plan for Yosef to go to jail?

Was Yosef’s ability to understand dreams given as a testimony to the Creator of Heaven and Earth? How was the Lord with Yosef in prison?  How does God show mercy and prove He is with Yosef?

Do we see from God’s perspective? What is God’s purpose in sending Yosef to jail? Was Yosef haughty? Did Yosef scheme his way into prominence?

What status did the baker and wine steward have in Pharaoh’s house?

What did the wine steward see? What is the significance of the three branches and three days?

What did the baker see? What was the significance of his dream?

What was God showing through Yosef, through the dream about His Son? Is this a picture of Yeshua’s death and ressurrection?

Do the Scriptures bring forth death or life? What has to come before life? Do we want God to test us, try our reins?

Reader: Dave De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee. Thought questions: Susan Pierce.

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