Genesis 24 — Yitskhak meets his wife

We learn about the Near Eastern customs of how to find a wife for a prominent family. From Abraham’s request to Rivka’s acceptance, Isaac is not a part of this story until the very end when Yitskhak (Isaac) greets Rivka (Rebecca) and acknowledges her as the wife God has chosen for him.

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

What can a wife do (Proverbs 31)? How should a husband treat his wife?

How old was Abraham at this time? How old was Isaac at this time? Is Abraham really “old” at this time? Who is still alive and much older than Abraham? How does the fact that Shem is still alive at this time connect Abraham and his family to the events of the flood and its aftermath?

How did Eliezer make the vow to Abraham? What does it mean to put one’s hand under the thigh? What does the word “swear” mean?

How many camels did the servant take with him when he left Abraham?

What does the name Rivka (Rebecca) mean? What does it mean when it describes Rivka as a "young girl" or a "damsel"? What gifts did the servant give to Rivka?

What were the names of Rivka’s immediate family? What does Bethuel’s name mean? What does Milcah’s name mean? What does Nahor’s name mean?
How are these people related to Abraham? (Gen. 22:20-23)

How did Abraham’s servant “bow” before the Lord?

What does Laban’s name mean?

Where did the tradition of foot-washing originate?

How did Abraham’s servant respond to the news that Rivkah’s family was willing to allow her to leave and become Isaac’s wife?

What blessing did Rivka’s family give her as she left her home (Gen. 24:60)?

Where was Yitskhak (Isaac) living at this time?

Reader: David De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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