Genesis 22 — the binding of Isaac

Abraham is put to another test — the most difficult test of all. Will Abraham give up the “son of the promise” the only son of his beloved Sarah? This event profoundly affects both Abraham and Isaac for the rest of their lives. 

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

Did Isaac die by Abraham’s hand on the mountain? Did Abraham know how the story would end?

Why did God ask Abraham to do something specifically forbidden? Why does God refer to Isaac as Abraham’s only son at least twice? Why didn’t Abraham question God at all about this?

Why did God test Abraham? How did God prove that He loves us? How did Abraham prove that he loved God? What kind of offering did God ask Abraham to bring? How did God relate to Abraham? How did God relate to Isaac?
What is the land of Moriah?

What is the word for “lamb” used in this text? (seh, Strong’s Hebrew lexicon No. 7716; Gen. 30:32)?

What is the word for “provide” Abraham uses in this text (ra’ah, Strong’s 7200)?

What does it mean when Abraham “bind” Isaac (‘aqad, Strong’s 6123)? How many times is the Hebrew word ‘aqad used in the Bible? If Isaac volunteered for this sacrifice, would Abraham have needed to bind Isaac in the first place?

How does the Angel of the LORD respond? Why did God put Abraham to the test?

What kind of animal was sacrificed in place of Isaac? 

What happened at this mountain many years later?

John 18:1-16 — How was Yeshua bound? How many people followed Yeshua to the High Priest’s home? Why did Abraham bring the two young men? Why did Peter and John follow Yeshua to the High Priest’s home?

Reader: Dave De Fever (recording of the reading was damaged). Speaker: Richard Agee.

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