Genesis 21 part 3 — Abraham obeys Sarah and confronts Abimelech; Ishmael grows up

In part three of a study on Genesis 21, we read about the confrontation between the ruler Abimelech and Abraham. Meanwhile, Ishmael grows up and becomes a problem in Abraham’s household, so Abraham sends him and his mother away.

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

Gen 21:11-20 says that Abraham was “greatly distressed” (Strong’s lexicon No. 7489a). What does that really mean? What did Abraham consider “evil” about Sarah’s request?  (See other uses of the word translated as “evil” in Ex. 5:20-23; Lev. 5:4; Deut. 17:9.) Who did God “side with”? What did Abraham do the first thing the following morning? 

Where did Hagar and Ishmael go? Who did the Angel “hear” this time? How did Ishmael grow up? Where is Paran? Where did Ishmael’s wife come from?

Gen 21:22-32 — What kind of visit did Abimelech and Abraham have? Why would Abimelech bring the commander of his army with him? What does Abimelech ask of Abraham? How does Abraham respond? What issue of contention did Abraham mention to Abimelech? What did Abraham present as a sign of the covenant? Do we know what Abimelech provide as a part of the covenant? What did the seven lambs symbolize? How did Beersheba get its name? Why did Abraham travel towards the West?

Gen. 21:33 — What does the Hebrew word olam mean?

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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