Genesis 19 part 2 — Importance of Sodom

Some think that Sodom and its neighbors met with heavenly holocaust for sexual depravity. Others claim the primary offense was inhospitality. Yet Israel is warned many times throughout the Bible not to become like Sodom and look for salvation.

Food for thought

Matt. 10:5-16; 11:23 — Where did Yeshua send the Apostles? What did Yeshua say about those of the House of Israel who rejected the message of the Apostles? How does their judgement differ from the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah? Why did Yeshua “pick on” Capernaum? 

Jude 6-7 — Why did God reduce Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes and leave it that way to this day?

2 Peter 2:1-8 — What did Peter mean when he said that Lot was “oppressed” in Sodom (Strong’s lexicon 2669, kataponeo)?

Rev. 11:1-8 — How are the two witnesses similar to the angels who rescued Lot and his family from Sodom?

Deut. 29:18-23; Deut. 32:1-5,15-20,32 — What did Moses say to the people of Israel about those who would turn away from God? How does he use Sodom and Gomorrah as an example? To which people are the judgements of Sodom and Gomorrah a stern warning? The people of San Francisco?  

Isa.1:1-4,9-10, 3:9-11; Eze.16:1-56 — Who are the Jeshurun? How do they become “obese” and “puffed up”? How do they scorn the Lord? What vine are they attached to? Was the condemnation of Sodom and Gomorrah about “strange sex” alone? 

How is God’s delivery of Lot similar to how God delivers us from sin?

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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